The world has witnessed rapid developments under the Coronavirus pandemic, which cast heavy shadows on all areas of economic, social, financial, and other sectors. The health and living conditions imposed on us by the Corona pandemic and its repercussions and profound effects, whether on the global economy or the economies of the countries of the region alike and the extent of their financial and monetary stability all of this puts all of us, individuals, peoples, and governments, in front of unprecedented challenges.

Hence the idea of ​​the international conference of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences / Zarqa University and jointly with the Faculty of Economics and Social Sciences / An-Najah National University. importance of holding such conferences and scientific events as stations for discussion, brainstorming, and exchanging views and experiences on issues related to the economy in light of this pandemic in order to come up with solutions and perceptions that contribute to limiting its effects by setting up Strategies and perceptions of recovery and mitigating its severity and impact on all aspects of life in its various economic, monetary, financial and other dimensions.


1- Digital transformation and its role in recovering from the effects of the Corona pandemic:

  • The future of investment in information technology
  • Remote work during Corona pandemic
  • Electronic supply chain management
  • Accounting control and audit
  • Transformation in information systems
  • Banks and digital currency
  • Entrepreneurship and the Corona pandemic

2- Sustainability, justice, and equality policies after the Corona experience:

  • Governance
  • Social Responsibility
  • The impact of the Corona pandemic on fiscal policy and income distribution
  • Challenges faced by the economy at the levels of employment and employment
  • The social and psychological aspects of the pandemic
  • The role of accounting thought in managing the effects of the Corona pandemic
  • Challenges of Islamic finance during Corona pandemic

3- E-commerce:

  • Digital Marketing
  • logistics systems
  • Competitive Marketing Strategies
  • Changing consumer behaviour patterns during Corona pandemic

4- Strategic management in light of the Corona pandemic:

  • Human and intellectual capital
  • Administrative challenges and problems
  • Crisis management and survival strategies

5- Communication and its role in addressing and recovering from the pandemic

  • Radio and TV programs
  • Communication strategies in government institutions
  • Employing digital media
  • Communication networking between institutions
  • Psychological and social effects of media

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