The world is witnessing rapid digital transformations, which has led business organizations to adopt the concept of digital transformation in order to improve their performance and raise their productivity. Digital transformation is a shift in the economical, managerial, accounting, financial, marketing, media and legal way of work organizations adopt. Such transformation imposes these organizations to exploit technological developments to support their competitiveness in global markets. Business organizations, regardless of their size, need to keep abreast of technological developments to ensure their sustainability and distinction.

Hence the idea of the International Conference of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences at Zarqa University/Jordan, and jointly with the Faculty of Business and Economics at Birzeit University/ Palestine, entitled "Business Organizations Trends in Light of Digital Economical, Legal and Media Transformations" as a forum for discussion, brainstorming, and exchange of views and experiences on issues related to Economical, Legal, and Media transformations and its consequences on business organizations in order to reach solutions and perceptions that are in line with these transformations.


Conference Themes

A- Digital Economy:

1. Clusters and Economic Growth In Light of Digital Transformations.

2. Digital Currencies and the Future of the Global Economy.

3. Economic Digital Transformations and Energy Uses.

4. Economic Policies and Digital Transformations.

5. Ethics of Digital Economy.

B- Legal Technologies:

1. Commercial and Civil Legislation and the Digital Revolution.

2. Administrative Legislation and Digital Transformations.

3. Penal Legislation and Modern Business Organizations.

4. International Agreements and the Digital Economy.

C- Digital Media:

1. Digital Media Deployment.

2. Psychological and Social Effects of Digital Media.

3. Digital Revolution and  Media  Ethics.

4. Reality of Digital Media.

D- Digital Marketing:

1. Digital Marketing Ethics.

2. Electronic Services and Consumer Behavior.

3. Ethics of Artificial Intelligence Marketing.

4. Electronic Logistics Services.

E- Digital Management:

1. Digital Transformation and Business Intelligence.

2. Digital Transformation and Organizational Culture.

3. Digital Transformation and Organizational Agility.

4. Digital Transformation and Institutional Excellence.

F- Digital Accounting:

1. The Digital Revolution and Block Chain Technology.

2. The Digital Revolution and International Accounting Standards.

3. The Digital Revolution and the Quality of Financial Data.

4. Digital Transformation in Accounting and Finance.

G- Business Information Technology:

1. Business Information Technology and Digital Transformations.

2. Cloud Computing.

3. Digital Information Security.

H- Financial Technology:

1. The Digital Revolution and Banking Financial Work.

2. Financial Technology and The Banking Sector In Developing Countries.

3. Digital Identity and Efficient Banking Transactions.

4. Finance and Investment Technology.

I- Sustainability:

1. The Fourth Digital Revolution and Sustainability.

2. Radio and Television Programs and Sustainability.

3. Reality of Organizational Sustainability in Light of Digital Transformation

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