The International Conference on Business and Technology (CBF’2023) is organized by Ahlia University in collaboration with EuroMid Academy of Business and Technology, Istanbul, Turkey. It will be held on November 29-30, 2023 at Wyndham Grand Manama, Manama, Bahrain.

The CBF’2023 Theme: ”Technology and Business Model Innovation: Challenges and Opportunities”.

The objective of the CBF’2023 Conference is to gather leading academicians, scholars, and researchers to share their knowledge and new ideas as well as to discuss current development in the fields of business, education, social, and technology.

The CBF’2023 aims to achieve many objectives as the following:

  • Highlighting business and technology problems that are faced by institutions in a scientific way, in addition to finding the possible practical solutions for them.
  • Encouraging scientific research in business and technology areas which may contribute to sustainable improvements to it.
  • The conference also offers opportunities for academicians and industry experts to meet and interact with local and international participants.
  • Enable the researchers to publish their contributions in high-ranked journals and indexed proceedings by Scopus.


Topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

  • Business: Accounting, Banking, Economics, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation, Tourism, Hospitality, Health Care, Human Resource, Government, Management, Administration.
  • Technology: Applied Sciences, Animation, Communication, Information Technology, Information System, Multimedia, IR 4.0, Engineering Technology, Environmental Science, Power and Energy Engineering, Renewable Energy.

Conference tracks
I.‎ Sustainable Smart Cities, Internet of Things: Business applications and challenges. ‎
II.‎ Innovation, Green AI, and Sustainability. ‎
III.‎ Business Process Re-Engineering in Sustainable Healthcare Management. ‎
IV.‎ Industrial Engineering for Sustainable Healthcare Management. ‎
V.‎ Engineering Management and Sustainability of Resources. ‎
VI.‎ Financial Technology FinTech and Sustainable Development. ‎
VII.‎ Implementation of Artificial Intelligence, IoT, and Innovative in Business Sustainability.‎
VIII.‎ Technology, Sustainability Finance, and Economics. ‎
IX.‎ Modern Technology and Entrepreneurship.‎
X.‎ Innovations in Green Urbanization and Alternative Renewable Energy. ‎
XI.‎ Artificial Intelligence and HR Management.‎
XII.‎ Entrepreneurship, Start-up and Business Success and Social Implications.‎
XIII.‎ Technology, Jobs, and the Future of Work.‎
XIV.‎ Business 4.0 as a Subject of the Digital Economy. ‎
XV.‎ Corporate Governance, Financial Markets and Performance.‎
XVI.‎ Sustainable Finance, Innovation, and Business Uncertain Situations.‎
XVII.‎ Marketing, E-commerce, and Social Media.‎
XVIII.‎ Supply Chain Quality Management Practices and Blockchain Technology.‎
XX.‎ Fourth Industrial Revolution Implementation of Artificial Intelligence and FinTech for ‎Sustainable Business Success.‎
XXI.‎ Public Administration and Digital Economy.‎
XXII.‎ Work-based Learning in a Digital Age and the role of artificial intelligence in ‎Industry 5.0.‎
XXIII.‎ Education Management, Technology, Smart Universities, and Covid-19 impact.‎

Publication Opportunity

Papers accepted for the CBF’2023 after the double-blind peer-review process will be published in the CBF’2023 conference proceedings, which is indexed by SCOPUS, Google Scholar, and Springerlink.
Additionally, selected papers that have been presented at the conference will also be considered for further development of a possible publication in the highly esteemed partner journals listed below. Note that journal editors are provided with the conference proceedings and will make selections if they feel the work is appropriate and of sufficient quality for the journal. If invited to publish in a journal authors will be expected to develop the work by 40-50%, including a change of title and abstract. Individual journal procedures will need to be followed and there is no guarantee of publication. Of course, this will include one or more of the following journals:

  1. European Journal of Innovation ManagementRegular Issue, Emerald Publishing, (Web of Science Journal Citation Report, Impact Factor 4.75, Q1, Scopus). ”Articles selected by the conference will be considered for publication on EJIM”.
  2. International Journal of Innovation Studies, Special Issue, KeAi Publishing, (Q2, Scopus). 
  3. The Bottom Line, Special Issue, Emerald Publishing, (Scopus, Q1).
  4. Competitiveness Review, Special Issue– Emerald Publishing, (Scopus, ABDC, Q1).
  5. Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting, Spacial Issue, Taylor & Francis, (Scopus, Q2).
  6. Development and Learning in Organizations, Special Issue – Emerald Publishing, (Scopus, Q3)‎.
  7. Journal of Business and Socio-economic Development (JBSED)Special Issue– Emerald
  8. The International Journal of Business Ethics and Governance (IJBEG), Special Issue-EMBAT.


Supporting Scientific Research Policy

The CBF’2023 may follow many policies to support the scientific research movement and attracts high-quality researches. Such policies may be as follows:

Best Paper Award

To encourage high-quality scientific research, the conference may give awards for the best paper and presentation at the whole conference. The author may be awarded and his paper may be displayed on the journal webpage for a conference.

Encouraging Scientific Research for Youths and PhD students

The CBF’2023 may have an important role in supporting scientific research for young researchers and Ph.D. students through many policies to be discussed in the statute of the conference such as dedicating one issue for outstanding Ph.D. papers in Arab and international universities.

Publication Conditions

  1. The CBF’2023 gives priority to applied empirical studies which aim to overcome business and technology problems and obstacles faced by institutions and propose solutions for these problems.
  2. The CBF’2023  welcomes articles via its submission management system. Typed in (two spaces) including margins, references, tables, excerpts and appendixes. With wide margins (2.5cm and more) at the top, bottom and sides of the pages.
  3. The author shall provide an abstract for his article not more than (250 words) in addition to key words.
  4. The first page of the article shall include title of the article, name(s) of researcher(s), work place, address, contact number. To ensure confidentiality, names of researcher(s) or any sign that may lead to it, must not be mentioned in the body of the article. Any thanks phrases to the reviewers or others may be mentioned by the researcher(s) if wished.
  5. The articles must be written in an intact language using academic unbiased style of writing. Articles shall not exceed (30) pages including references, appendixes, tables, figures and margins.


The paper can be submitted in the following languages:

  • English.

Conference Speakers / meet with greaters

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Event Location

Wyndham Grand Manama. Manama, Bahrain



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