In this day and age, the world has been facing economic crisis due to Covid-19 outbreak. Crucial impact of this pandemic is projected based on world bank prediction is Global recession in the year of 2023. According to World Economic Outlook dated on October 2022, international monetary founding explained the global inflation rate reached the peak of 8.8% in 2022. Meanwhile, Indonesian inflation in November 2022 reached at 5.45%. Ministry of monetary predicted that recession threat and global economic deceleration in 2023 is indeed not easy especially geopolitics tension impacted to global supply chain. These circumstances attract many circle to reduce the impact thereby analysis and strategic effort to overcome these gigantic problem. Medan Area University (MAU) has been committed to be excellent higher education integrated in program of Green Digital University (GDU 2033) and contributes to improve society live standards from empirical dissemination.

One of the predominant GDU program which has been held International Conference Business, Agribusiness and Agriculture (ICBAA). 1st ICBAA was held in November 2021 in colabotion with Universitas Prima Indonesia (UNPRI) taken act as Co-host. Over 98 national and international participants have been participated in The First ICBAA (https://icbaa.uma.ac.id). this was held virtually and invited experts who has scientific remark on relevant topic namely: Prof. Song Soo Lim, Prof. Dr. MD. Aminul Islam, Assoc. Prof. Nalini Arumugam and Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Khoi Nghia which is also partnership implementation in MoU/MoA.


The Conference covers broad range of topic related to business, agribusiness and agriculture. Sessions will be arranged around a number of themes, depending on the contributions received and include:


  • Future Digital and Green Economic
  • New Approach to MSMEs Anticipating global crisis
  • Human Capital and Human Resources global problem
  • Critical Reasoning and High Technology Strategy for Marketing
  • Applicable Islamic economics and Microfinance
  • Critical Reasoning Strategy


  • Optimizing Supply Chain
  • New Strategy for International Trade
  • MSMEs for Agribusiness
  • Strategy for small-scale farmers
  • Current Application of Technopreneurship
  • Green Business


  • New Agriculture technology packages to increase farmer income
  • Mitigation and Adaptation to climate change
  • Millennial and future farming
  • Advance Agricultural Technology
  • Sustainable Agriculture
  • Tourism based agriculture

Publication Opportunity

  • 2nd ICBAA in collaboration with Conf Manage, conference management system from turkey, will initially reviewed author’s full paper. Conf manage has their own reviewers who has relevant expertise on the topic of business, agribusiness and agriculture. Upon the completion of review author will be getting notification for either acceptance or rejection.
  • Only one oral presentation is allowed per participant. The preference for oral specified by the authors at submission is indicative only. Final decision for abstract acceptance will be notified by professional committee.

The selected and eligible paper will be published in:

- Proceeding indexed by Scopus from Springer

- Proceeding from springer

- National Reputable Journal Indexed by Sinta

- International Conference Proceeding from UMA press




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Event Location

Jl. Setia Budi No.79 B, Tj. Rejo, Kec. Medan Sunggal, Kota Medan, Sumatera Utara 20112, Indonesia.



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