Conference themes

• Foundations and standards of quality and institutional excellence.

• Mechanisms for achieving quality and institutional excellence.

• Leadership and creative management in educational institutions.

• Standards and requirements for creativity and innovation in education.

• The quality of educational curricula in the light of artificial intelligence.

• The quality of infrastructure in educational institutions.

• Academic preparation and professional development of the teaching staff.

• Enrichment educational programs that distinguish education.

• Education and applications of artificial intelligence.

• Standards for evaluating the performance of educational institutions.

• Evaluating efficiency and effectiveness in the educational process.

• Standards of institutional excellence in digital education.

• Educational leadership in light of the concepts of total quality.

• Educational supervision in the era of globalization.

• Smart teaching and learning strategies.

• Digital cognitive learning.

• Evaluating educational programs and systems.

• Quality and institutional excellence applications in educational institutions.

• Electronic management applications.

• In-service training to raise the level of quality in education.

• Artificial intelligence and administrative intelligence.

• Employee motivation theories.

‎•‎ Certificate of Quality and Institutional Excellence.


Participants and attendees at the conference

• Senior leaders in public and private education and university education.

• Deans of faculties of education and faculties of humanities sciences in public and private universities.

• Heads of departments of educational administration and leadership in faculties of education.

• Faculty members in faculties of education and faculties of arts and humanities.

• Supervisors and educational supervisors.

• Leaders and principals of schools, kindergartens, government and private training centers.

• Teachers in public and private schools.

• Student counselors and counselors and social workers.

• Postgraduate students, researchers, and those interested in educational planning and leadership.

• Researchers and those who are concerned with the educational process.

• Senior educational leaders in public and higher public and private education in the Arab and foreign world.

• Deans and deans of faculties of humanities and administration, and members of the teaching staff in public and private universities.

• Deans and deans of faculties of education and faculty members in public and private universities.

• Deans and agents of colleges and universities for construction, excellence, quality and academic accreditation, and managers and supervisors of quality and excellence in the educational sectors.

• Supervisors and educational supervisors.

• Leaders and leaders of public and private schools.

• Teachers in public and private education.

• Guides and guides.

• Men and women trainers.

• Postgraduate students.

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