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More than an online registration system, ConfManage takes care of all your event management needs in one integrated package that includes:

  • Paper submission and review
  • Online registration and payments.
  • Sending electronic certificates of appreciation and recognition to all Authors and Reviewers.
  • Communicate with Authors and Reviewers.
  • Send marketing emails to more than 70,000 researchers all over the world to attract more participants.
  • Create and manage a special website for your conference to present your conference contents, keynote speakers, sponsors, and the publication opportunity for your audience.
  • Increase conference attendance and revenue.

Why use multiple systems when one will manage the whole job? ConfManage simplifies your event planning by including everything you need in one complete package. There is no danger of information ‘slipping between the cracks’ which means fewer mistakes and a better experience for everyone.

ConfManage is available in separate modules or as a complete package to fit the needs of a full range of conference types and sizes. From a training seminar to an international conference, ConfManage offers a customized package for a stress-free event.


Why choose us?

ConfManage is an award-winning application designed specifically to meet the needs of conference organizers.

Our team includes experienced event planners and academics as well as designers, programmers, and web developers. We’ve been there and we know what works.

ConfManage is the system of choice for conference experts that include Meeting Professionals International, associations, major universities, and government organizations worldwide.



  • Attention-grabbing emails will attract more website visitors.
  • Increase conference attendance and revenue.
  • Develop low-cost marketing by using your website and email blasts instead of print materials.
  • Viral marketing techniques will increase your mailing list.


“Working with ConfManage has put the ease into online registration and website management”


To use ConfManage to organize your conference, you can contact us.


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You can contact the conference organizer (the conference management), if it is a technical problem, you can contact ConfManage via the following Email:


To submit your paper to a specific conference, you have to register to ConfManage first, then select the targeted conference and submit your paper. But before that, plz check the following information:

The conference submission guidelines.

The conference fees.

The conference website for any other useful information.

The conference payment refund and policy.

There are a lot of advantages, you will save your many and time in addition to the following:

You can reach out to more audience and participants from all over the world

You can send marketing emails to all the ConfMange's users to announce your conference.

You can receive the conference fees via ConfMange.

You can send electronic invoices through ConfManage and avoid sending that manually.

You can send an electronic payment receipt through ConfManage too.

You can perform all the review processes including receiving submissions, assigning reviewers, accept/reject submissions.

You have to contact us and we will send you a form to fill it in with all the necessary information to activate your account.


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ICBT2021 Conference

Confmanage hosts The International Conference on Business and Technology (ICBT 2021), organized by EuroMid Academy of Business & Technology (EMABT). It will be held on 6-7 November 2021 (Saturday/Sunday) at Hilton Istanbul Bomonti, Istanbul, Turkey


Confmanage hosts the CBF International Conference on Business and Technology, organized by Ahlia University, Manama, Bahrain. It will be held on 23-24 March 2022 at The Gulf Hotel Bahrain, Manama, Bahrain.


Universiti Malaysia Kelantan is organizing The 9th International Seminar on Entrepreneurship, Business & Technology (ISEBT 2021). This conference will be held as a fully Virtual Conference due to the COVID-19 pandemic on 26th- 27th September 2021.


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